Auto Insurance for People Over 50 (AARP)

AARP (over age 50) Auto Insurance

Who said that getting older didn't have advantages? AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has been able to negotiate a special price for anyone over the age of 50 on auto insurance. Now you can save significant dollars on car insurance with The Hartford a well established and respected insurance company.

The Hartford AARP Auto Insurance Program offers potential savings of $300 per year on what you are currently paying. Even with great savings like that the AARP Auto Insurance program is a full featured program with services you would expect from a more expensive policy such as:

  • Full 24 hour access to claim reporting that is fast and hassle-free.
  • A customer center online allowing for quick and easy managment of your AARP Auto Insurance policy.
  • A full new car replacement guarantee.
  • A lifetime repair warranty.

So don't hesitate - take advantage of your wisdom and experience and save yourself up to $300.00 dollars on auto insurance with Hartford and AARP! To learn more simply check out AARP Auto Insurance information and evaluate if this is program offers you an advantage.

While you're there you can save on home insurance with The Hartford as well!